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    4/18/2012 7:50:01 PM

    Exp.: 259
    Rank 12431
    League 6062848
    Gabriel Silva 20 48 82 65 €6,655,000

    This player of Udinese is not included on www.ofmscoutlist.com

    Two questions I need to ask..

    1) how come on www.ofmscoutlist.com only players of the first division are included?

    2) how come players of goal 1 teams of second division, are far much better than players of goal 16 teams of first division? It's true that one team is goal 16 and the other is goal 1, but still remains the fact that goal 16 team is in first division while goal 1 team is in second division. AS Bari have players as good enough as almost those of goal 10 and 7 of serie A..

    4/18/2012 8:45:04 PM
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    OSM Staff
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    League 5409
    (1) There is a limit on how many players we can add to the scoutlist at the moment - Udinese do have 11 players on the scoutlist, but Gabriel Silva is not currently one of them. We currently only include players from one second division on the scoutlist, and that is England,. and that may be reviewed for the 2012/13 season.

    (2) You should not compare ratings of one league (Serie B) with another (Serie A) as the two are not directly comparable - you should only compare within the same league. The ratings are individual to that league only, so teams with a target of 1st place, like Bari, in Serie B will have higher ratings than players from teams with a lower target of 4th place, 7th place, 10th place etc. It does not necessarily mean that players in Serie B playing for Bari are better than those playing at clubs with a target of 7th, 10th, 13th or 16th in Serie A. We do this so that players at clubs with a target of 16th in Serie B don't end up with ridiculously low ratings, like 35 or so. The same applies in all lower divisions on OFM< not just Italy (have a look at England for example)

    No bug.

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